Andro Corp AR-15

Andro Corp AR-15 for sale. Founded by Jason Wilcox, Andro Corp is an industry responsible for the manufacture of AR-15 firearms. Based in Central Florida. At ACI they strive to bring quality, integrity, customer service, and dealer relations to the forefront of this industry.


The AR-15 is the semi-automatic rifle that gave birth to the M16 military rifle and rifle and its lighter derivative, the M-4 .

The original AR-15 automatic is different from the civilian version, the CAR-15, manufactured by Colt under license and only semi-automatic.

The Arma Lite company developed the first version of the rifle, which it then sold to the Colt company . From 1963, the name AR-15 defined semi-automatic rifles and automatic rifles derived from the assault rifle sold by Colt (full name CAR-15). From the 1980s, its manufacturer declined it in AR-15 Carbine then Colt Sporter Lighweight, from the Colt Commando and M4 military rifles . The letters “AR” do not refer to assault rifle , ” assault rifle “, but to the first two letters of ArmaLite.

The semi-automatic weapons resuming its form and its mechanics are innumerable (semi-automatic firing by borrowing gas and rotating breech ). The AR-15 is the symbol of the gun debate in the United States. For pro-weapons, including the National Rifle Association , it is the weapon to own because it is easy to learn and use while being inexpensive ($600 in 2019). For the pro-control, the rifle is pointed out to be the weapon most used in mass killings

Andro Corp AR-15

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